Proximal humerus fracture rehabilitation pdf

Rehabilitation of Proximal Humerus & Clavicular Fractures 19 th Annual Primary Care Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Symposium January 25, Jeremy Sherman, PT, MPT. used for minimally displaced (AO/ASIF type-A) proximal humeral fracture involving the surgical neck, greater tuberosity, or lesser tuber-osity. (Reproduced with modification, with permission from: Nho SJ, Brophy RH, Barker JU, Cornell CN, MacGillvray JD. Innovations in the management of displaced proximal humerus fractures. J Am Acad Or-. REHABILITATION GUIDELINES FOR PROXIMAL HUMERUS FRACTURE (NON-OPERATIVE) PHASE I ( WEEKS) DATES: Appointments No PT for 3 weeks, unless otherwise specified by MD Rehabilitation Goals • Modalities to control pain and swelling • Protect fracture site • Maintain ROM in surrounding joints • Prevent deconditioning.

Proximal humerus fracture rehabilitation pdf

Proximal Humeral Fracture Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Protocol (OPEN REDUCTION / INTERNAL FIXATION) General Principles: 1. Bony healing occurs usually within 6 to 8 weeks in adults 2. Return to normal function and motion may require 3 to 4 months Overall Goals: 1. Increase ROM while protecting the fracture site (you can be slightly more. humerus internal locking system, locking proximal humerus plate, or proximal humerus nail) and all cases with a similar fracture pattern treated non-surgically (n=31, 1 trial center). e. Aug 19,  · Proximal humerus fractures (PHFs) are the third most common upper extremity fracture across the lifespan [1]. Population-based studies estimate similar annual incidence rates in North America and Europe (60 and 82 per , person years, respectively) [1,2].Author: Lowell L Kwan, Norma J MacIntyre. Post Fracture Proximal Humerus Rehabilitation Guidelines R / L Humerus Fracture: _____ Standard Course Patients will typically follow a standard post-fracture rehab course if their fracture is: Non Displaced 2 Part Fracture Good Alignment Does not involve an articular surface. t: f: w. highway 22 barrington, il surryse road, suite lake zurich, il REHABILITATION GUIDELINES FOR. PROXIMAL HUMERUS FRACTURE (NON -OPERATIVE). PHASE I ( WEEKS). DATES: Appointments. No PT for 3. Proximal humerus fracture rehabilitation. HODGSON, Steve A. Available from Sheffield Hallam University Research Archive (SHURA) at. A fracture occurs when the arm bone (humerus) is broken as a Exercises. Weeks 1. Elbow bending and straightening. Hold for 5 seconds, repeat up to. PROXIMAL HUMERUS FRACTURE - ORIF. PHASE I ( WEEKS). DATES: Appointments. • Begin physical therapy at 1 week post op, 2 x/week. • Follow up. institute of ohio. General Rehabilitation Guidelines. Nonoperative Treatment of Proximal Humerus. Fracture. Rehabilitation Considerations. Samir Patel, MD.

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